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Keranique Offers Hair Rejuvenation Kit for Women

While some companies insist consumers buy products separately, Keranique is offering several of its products in one hair rejuvenation kit. The kit comes with a wide array of goods designed to revitalize and revamp hair. Keranique also contains is the only hair re-growth product for women that’s earned approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is available without a prescription.

New York, New York (PRWEB) June 04, 2012

Usually, hair products are sold individually to consumers, providing the need to buy several items in order to get the best results from the brand. Although Keranique does sell products individually, the company has recently launched a hair rejuvenation kit, which includes revitalizing shampoo, volumizing conditioner, hair re-growth treatment and volumizing lifting spray to improve the appearance and health of female consumers’ hair. In addition, the kit contains a product approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that contributes to the re-growth of hair.

The shampoo protects the hair against cuticle damage and removes build-up, but still keeps the shine intact. With Keranique’s conditioning product, hair is given more volume and strength without leaving the scalp feeling weighted down. The lifting spray improves dry, thinning hair, yet still increases hair strength and elasticity. Finally, the spray supports the root of the hair to give women more lift, fullness, body and bounce.
The re-growth treatment is among the most important products in the kit. This product contains minoxidil, the only clinical ingredient proven to re-grow hair in women and approved by the FDA. The re-growth treatment, specifically formulated for women, helps revitalize hair follicles and re-grows hair.
The Keranique hair care system is designed exclusively to meet women’s needs. In fact, the company targets a woman’s thinning hair care needs not only with the product incorporating minoxidil, but other products as well.

Other hair care products may take time to work. However, Keranique customers have reported noticing changes in their hair after the first wash. Customers can see thicker and fuller looking hair within two weeks. The re-growth process takes a few months, but that is simply because hair re-growth takes time.
One customer, Judy, spoke about the changes she noticed after using the hair rejuvenation system. “Prior to using Keranique, my hair was dry, brittle and limp,” she said. “I had thinning around the front of my face. My hair now has more volume. It’s amazing the fullness I now have.”


Keranique, a hair care company, sells a full line of products based on scientific hair rejuvenation. All of the products are created to meet the needs of a woman so the hair is protected against heat, humidity and pH imbalance. Scientifically-tested ingredients are shown to improve the look of hair’s thickness and volume. In addition, minoxidil is the only over the counter ingredient to garner FDA’s approval for hair re-growth in women. For more information on Keranique, go to

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