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Approximately 50% of women experience some kind of hair loss by age 50. A woman’s hair loss can be triggered by a multitude of conditions and circumstances, but the Keranique™ System containing a product with 2% Minoxidil Solution was specifically formulated to address this! Keranique™ hair products were specifically formulated to addess the embarrassing discovery of thinning hair for women of all ages and hair types.

" Brenda W.

"I began using keranique conditioner, shampoo, follicie bosster, and minoxidil starting in August '2010 because my hair was falling out and had stoppped growing (I am 52 yrs. young.) My only hope was that my hair loss would stop. Well, not only did my hair stop falling out but it began to grow like a weed. I love the fact that it countains no sulfates and doesn't strip my hair color. Keranique delivers- and then some, An absolutely amazing product."
                                                                                    - Nora N.

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