Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why women love Keranique shampoo?

Keranique shampoo has won the trust of millions of women. The reason is that it has got a spellbinding ability to improve the quality and health of hair. The shampoo is a part of a hair care system specifically developed to target thinning hair. Is it safe to say then that women have, at last, have found the ultimate hair solution? Take a look at the shampoo's features and know for yourself.

The shampoo brings life to hair. It transforms dull hair into shiny, silky ones. It improves the hair texture, and makes mane voluminous and manageable. It is no wonder that this product has obtained fantastic reviews from users. The shampoo does not just wash hair, but gives your hair a spa-like experience.

Due to the presence of vitamins and antioxidants in the shampoo, it nourishes the scalp and keeps the hair follicles healthy. A regular usage of this shampoo leads to the removal of previous chemical buildup from the scalp. The mild cleansing agents present in the product cleanse scalp of all impurities, but preserve its essential oils. This helps to keep the scalp and hair well-moisturized.

The absence of sulfates in Keranique shampoo leaves the hair soft, smooth, and like silk. You will not feel the roughness or dryness that appears after washing hair with a regular shampoo. This is mainly because sulfates present in regular shampoos strip off the natural oil from your hair.

The shampoo is balanced in pH too. This helps maintain the health of scalp. It also facilitates normal hair growth cycle.

The revitalizing shampoo, which is a part of the hair rejuvenation system of Keranique, is specifically formulated for thinning hair. It is equipped to control frizz, repair damaged texture of hair, and increase their shine. Ingredients present in this shampoo, such as antioxidants, keep the hair-growth mechanism of the body healthy.

Can a shampoo protect hair from sun damage? Of course, Keranique shampoo does. It features hydrolyzed keratin, which forms a protective layer around cuticles that safeguards hair strands from harsh weather conditions and the sun.

If you use this shampoo, along with the conditioner from the same brand, it works wonders for your hair. The conditioner, too, features hydrolyzed keratin and works on each strand, smoothening their texture and hydrating them. Its remarkable potency counteracts the damaging effect of chemical products and heat styling products. The conditioner is voluminizing in nature, so your hair become bouncy and fuller looking after treating with it.

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