Sunday, November 4, 2012

What Triggers Hair Loss In Women?

Unlike men, women do not expect to lose hair. If and when it happens, the effects could be really traumatic for a woman. Most women would not waste a single moment before they start searching for hair products that might reverse the trend and give them new hope.

On an average, a person has around 100,000 strands of hair on her scalp. At any given moment, 90 per cent of the hair is actively growing. Hair fall occurs, when there are some restrictions imposed on hair growth, or if there are some genes that prohibit hair from growing the full length.

Before you know how to stop hair loss, you need to be aware of the problem in some detail. You can do a simple test to determine whether you are losing hair, thinning it, or damaging it by using abusive hair styles or chemical laden products. Pull on your hair strands. If they come out easily at the roots, it indicates that your hair strands are in fact, shedding, and a significant majority have gone into the telogen phase.

There are three phases to the hair growth cycle. In the anagen phase, hair grows actively and is securely connected to the follicles. This phase lasts for three to seven years. This is followed by the catagen phase when the hair follicles die and the hair strands go into the telogen phase. This continues for the next two to three months, after which hair falls off naturally. Normally, a person would lose anywhere between 50 to 100 hair strands a day, as part of the hair growth cycle.

In women experiencing severe hair fall, most of the hair strands would be in the telogen phase at the same time. Women experiencing hair fall, can end up losing up to 300 strands of hair a day.

What triggers this condition? This may be due to some sort of stress, or the intake of certain medications, that started three months ago. The stress factor could be anything from a major illness and surgery to rapid weight loss, nutritional deficiencies, and hormonal changes associated with stopping the birth control pill or surgical menopause.

The good news is that such type of hair loss is temporary and the hair strands have a fair probability of growing back within six months of the initial trigger running its course. However, there are instances when full hair recovery has taken years.

Women can also suffer from female pattern hair loss, where there is hair thinning in the center of the scalp. In such instances, a topical hair loss product containing Minoxidil can prove to be really effective.

If you find yourself in a similar predicament, you can start using hair products featuring two percent Minoxidil and apply it two times a day, every day to treat the problem. Minoxidil is the only FDA approved ingredient clinically proven to help re-grow hair. If your hair loss is not responding to topical therapy, you can opt for hair transplantation instead.

Keranique is a brand creating some really innovative hair products that can reverse hair thinning in women to create thicker, fuller hair. Many women from different age groups have been using the Keranique hair loss control solutions to get the ultimate volume, shine, and smoothness in their hair.

If you find that your hair has started to shed more than what is normal, do not panic. Avoid taking stress to help your hair grow back in the next four to six months. Check whether any new medication you are taking, is responsible for the problem. Talk to your doctor to find out whether you can discontinue using the drug. Opt for hair products containing key ingredients such as Minoxidil to give your hair strands a second chance.

Use Keranique hair products to increase hair manageability, volume, and fullness. The Keranique hair loss control solutions with key ingredients would stop hair loss and keep your hair looking youthful.

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