Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Keranique Hair Shampoo Is Free Of Deadly Sulfates

 What are you feeding your hair? Is it an overdose of sulfates and alcohol-based substances? If yes, you are torturing your delicate, innocent tresses.

Sulfates are meant to clean hard surfaces that are smeared with layers of grease and oil. What are they doing in your shampoo, which is supposed to clean fragile protein structures called hair?

Get the right shampoo

No amount of sophisticated salon treatments will work when your hair shampoo is not right. It’s time to read the label on the bottle of shampoo. If it lists various names of sulfates, you must change the bottle immediately.

Bring home Keranique shampoo, recommend hair experts. It is sulfate free. It contains mild cleansing agents that take care of your tresses in the most lovable manner possible. One of the noteworthy qualities of this shampoo is that it forms a protective keratin coat along hair cuticles. This seals in moisture and smoothens hair texture by making cuticles lie flat against each other. As the texture smoothens, hair shine increases.

Change in hair appearance and behavior

Women who use Keranique hair shampoo regularly notice an increase in hair volume and health. Gradually, their hair becomes more manageable. It becomes easier to comb such hair, as they tangle lesser. The “wildness” of hair subsides and they obediently get styled in a manner you like.

Keranique products are ideal for women who desire fuller looking hair. The shampoo possesses keratin based substances that coat each strand and increase their volume. The brand also offers an exclusive hair serum that boosts follicles and creates a fuller looking appearance in the mane.

These and many more products are waiting to pamper your hair. Their effect on hair will stun you. The products are suitable for all hair types and for women of all ages. So, why the delay?

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