Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Keranique Hair Products – Formulated to Improve the Look and Feel of Thinning Hair

Most women describe beautiful hair as thick, lustrous and shiny tresses that bounce with health. However, for most of us, such perfect hair exists only in advertisements of hair care products. In reality, we have to deal with hair that is thinning, dry, frizzy, rough and completely unmanageable. There are also other hair issues such as hair fall and hair loss. Transforming thin and limp hair to thick and lustrous tresses may seem like an impossible feat. However, it is a fact that there are effective hair care products formulated to help transform thin hair into fuller looking hair. For instance, Keranique hair products have been specifically formulated to protect, nourish and volumize thinning hair. 

Thicker looking hair without regrowth
Keranique hair care range offers women Hair Regrowth Treatment – a unique formulation featuring Minoxidil that has been approved by the FDA for its capability to help regrow hair. However, many women do not want a regrowth formulation or Minoxidil but still wish to own thicker looking hair. The Follicle Boosting Serum from Keranique hair products is just the product for such needs.

The Follicle Boosting Serum is a lightweight formulation that replenishes thinning hair right at the follicles. Enriched with peptides, the alcohol-free serum strengthens thin hair and repairs split ends. The serum also gets evenly absorbed into the hair to add thickness and volume to each and every hair strand. The serum also makes hair more elastic to reduce breakage during combing and styling.

The scientifically advanced formulation creates the perfect environment for the healthy growth of hair follicles. The serum also helps boost the concentration of natural keratin fibers in hair, thereby providing protection to cuticles. Women love the way this serum adds instant volume, thickness and bounce to thin hair, making it look fuller and more lustrous.

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