Monday, March 28, 2016

Keranique Hair Care System: Ideal for Color-Treated Hair

Those red streaks of hair charm you. You wish to wash your hair pure blonde, but are afraid. The “what if’s” stop you. Worry not. Adopt Keranique hair care system. Then, color-treat your hair as per your wish.

According to experts, coloring hair breaks its natural lipid layer and also harms protein bond to some extent. This renders hair rough and weak. That’s why experts advise against frequent color treatments. They recommend using a specialized shampoo after coloring hair.

Keranique is an expert choice for color treated hair.


Keranique’s shampoo is free of sulfates and features a balanced pH. Both factors play a vital role in making the formula gentle, safer, and moisturizing one for hair. Sulfates are responsible for snatching hair’s natural moisture. They fade hair color and shine faster. They roughen hair texture. Sulfate-free shampoo does the opposite. Users find their tresses exuding a lovely softness, silkiness, and shine with lots of volume.

Color-treated hair according to experts, need extra care. The treatment roughens and weakens them. So, you need a shampoo fortified with nourishing elements. Keranique has an edge over others due to its keratin-containing shampoo that coats hair with keratin substance. This keeps them strong and healthy, away from damage.


Healthy hair looks better in shades 

There is no doubt that when hair is healthy it is better able to take in color trends. You cannot expect to get the desired effect on damaged, dull hair. Before you step inside a salon with a plan to color treat hair, take a hard look at your tresses. Do they require rejuvenation? Do they need damage-control therapy?

If yes, please postpone your coloring plans. Work towards improving quality of hair and repairing their damage. Keranique hair care system is an ideal choice for this, suggest experts. The brand is easily available online. You can perform at-home hair treatment.

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