Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Keranique Risk Free Trial Shampoo for Smooth Tresses

Is your shampoo making your hair rougher day by day? Change it before it causes irreparable damage to hair, caution experts. According to trichologists, most shampoos contain sulfates, a group of strong detergents. They suck moisture from hair and render them dry. Their regular use, eventually, roughens hair texture.

It’s high time you started using a sulfate-free shampoo, advise experts.

Keranique risk free trial

A fabulous sulfate-free, pH-balanced shampoo has hit the market - Keranique Hair Revitalizing Shampoo. It is available on trial basis too. It uses mild cleansing agents to gently remove dirt, excess oil, and other impurities from hair and scalp. The striking feature of this shampoo is that it retains essential oils of scalp. This gives you a hydrated and refreshed feeling on the scalp.

You find your hair exuding softness and silkiness after a nice wash with this shampoo. This is because the shampoo has helped to retain hair moisture. It has also coated your hair with keratin film. This gives super smoothness to hair texture. The film also adds lots of volume to hair.

According to brand claims, Keranique sulfate free shampoo is for hair that requires volume and repair. Every wash rejuvenates hair. The shampoo is said to nourish scalp so that your hair follicles get a boost. Once your hair roots are well nourished, you can expect your hair to display health and beauty, say experts.

Break free of sulfates

Studies have proved sulfates to be skin and scalp irritants. Research is underway to know if they are carcinogenic. Years of using sulfate-laden shampoos form deposits on your scalp. This may make your scalp flaky and give birth to various issues. It may choke follicles and thwart healthy hair growth.

Make sure you are truly cleansing your scalp and not encouraging product buildup each time you wash your hair. Why not try a bottle of Keranique risk free trial shampoo?

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